Two Types of Residential Care Fees

There are two methods by which fees are paid - privately funded or government subsidised.

Privately Funded:

Where your realisable assets are greater than the current allowable level you are required to pay the full residential care fee The current threshold (as at 1 July 2020) is:

Single Person $236,336 of assets
Married Couple (where both are in long-term residential care) 236,336 of assets
Married Couple (where only one is in long-term residential care) can choose either:  
Combined total assets EXCLUDING your family home, car and up to $10,000 in pre-paid funeral expenses 129,423 of assets
Combined total assets INCLUDING the value of your house and car $236,336 total assets

Government Subsidy:

You will be eligible for a Government subsidised if:

If you meet these criteria, the Southern District Health Board pays a subsidy. This subsidy, combined with your National Superannuation, covers the full cost of your care.

Note that Birchleigh may levy an additional charge for residents choosing one of our larger apartment style rooms. Click here for details.

Premium Accommodation Charges:

We have several larger rooms in our Silverstream Rest Home, each with a private ensuite bathroom. These rooms have an additional Premium Accommodation Charge of between $7 and $14 per day (including GST).

In our Braeside Hospital unit we have one large room capable of accommodating a couple which also includes a private ensuite bathroom. This room has a Premium Accommodation Charge of $25 per day (including GST).

Specific details of Premium Accommodation Charges will be included in your admission agreement and you are welcome to discuss these with your Nurse Manager.